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Printable Transparent

Printable Transparent

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  • Clear/Transparent Sticker Paper: This transparent Printable Vinyl allows you to create custom labels and stickers for a variety of purposes Indoors and Outdoors. 
  • Top-Quality: This product is a durable printable glossy clear sticker paper.  This product is for inkjet printers is clean, clear, and softer than the competitors. The thickness is 2.5mil
  • Scratch & Tear Resistant: This vinyl endures minor scratches and is almost impossible to tear. A few minutes after the vinyl adhesive is applied to the surface, it will be difficult to remove, but it can be removed without any sticky residue.
  • Our sticker vinyl is almost crystal clear. 

Instructions for use:

1. Print using the matte and best quality media settings on an inkjet printer.

2. Cut the image(s) from the rest of the sheet of printable vinyl.

3. Clean and dry your surface.

4. Keep in plastic until use.

5.  Feed only one sheet at a time so it does not jam your printer.

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