Test Press!

Test Press!

Hey SHWs and FCs!  Welcome to another episode of, "What is this crazy lady talking about now?!?!"  Don't fret.  I never disappoint.  :-)

Puff is my favorite example of a vinyl that you need to test press before diving in.  This is so much easier than you believe.  EVERY TIME you cut an image in HTV you have to weed away the vinyl that you do not want to press onto your item.  Don't just discard this nugget of money saving love.  Take a small piece(es), and test press it onto an old towel, pillowcase, pajama shirt, etc.  Perfect your time and temp before you do your committed press for sale or wear.  This way you work the "bugs" out without wasting money accidentally pressing it incorrectly.

Your scraps are one of your strongest allies in your hustle.  Use them to your advantage and start seeing a better return on your investment.

You're welcome! - Amanda :-)

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