Keep Your Transfer Tape!

Keep Your Transfer Tape!

Hey Side Hustle Warriors and Fellow Crafters!  Often I am asked about using printable heat transfer vinyl, and how to prevent it from curling up when the heat source is near it. 

Sadly, that is typical when using these products. So how do we get around that challenge?  Simple.

When using probably 90% of heat transfer vinyl, we mirror it because it is on a transfer tape that helps you tack it to the item being pressed.  After pressing, we mindlessly throw the tape away. DON'T DO IT!!!

This is heat tape, Folks.  Put it on a piece of parchment paper to protect the integrity of the tack.  Then, when you need to transfer your printed image, weed away the unprinted vinyl, and use that scrap heat tape to transfer and press.

You're Welcome. :-) - Amanda

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