Seasonal Hustle

Hustle for the Holidays

Tips to Help You Increase Your Productivity and Profit Over the Seasons:

- Choose a Day or Day(s) to Focus on

You must be familiar with your client base or your target client base. Know whether they are focused on a particular holiday or event. If you had clients that had a reunion last year, reach out this year and ask whether you can help facilitate their event again this year or even offer referrals. Clients view this as your being personally vested in their happiness or success. The United States Small Business Administration recommends open house-type events before the major holidays or events come, so you can offer previews to your clients or potential clients what you have available or can customize for them or t heir friends/loves ones. It is also advised that you offer some sort of special or incentive to order or purchase from you.

- Post Frequently and Regularly

Using blogs and social media channels to promote holiday specials gets your business followers invested and prepared to shop with you. Create a schedule for yourself to ensure you are posting relevant and current content inspiring your clients to continue to check back regularly. Perhaps do a special like an “Avant calendar of specials” or a “Cornucopia of sales.” This will ideally keep them rechecking your socials and webpages for what could be their next best deal of the day.

- Protect Your Online Shop

Ensure your internet is working at the necessary speeds and will be able to facilitate multiple clients/ high volume traffic and sales simultaneously. Also remember to always do security checks on a regular basis; especially when expecting high volume sales.

- Focus on Foot Traffic In Your Store

How can we get more shoppers in our stores? Offer promotions that are in-store-only. Even more exciting would be if they were only for a limited time range to keep shoppers paying more detailed attention. Individuals love good scents. That is why the bakery and deli are always to the right and consumers typically naturally go to the right when entering to shop for multiple items. Use scents in your shop to inspire the same behavior.

- Host Some Sort of Giveaway

Whether it is a true giveaway, raffle, or game that keeps the clients interested, you can ideally keep their interest.

- Follow The Trends

Think back to what has worked in previous years. Research what others in the same area of interest have done in the past. Improve on those ideas, or simply blend the ideas to create something new and innovative. Make personalized baskets or bundle deals. Clients respond well to those concepts. Our clients are our best assets. Let’s treat them that way. ~Amanda Lindsay

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