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Nothing aggravates me more than the online “vultures” that instantly reply to requests for places to buy vinyl. It is triggered by the request and is not likely a real human making the recommendation based on true and accurate experiences. The same “vultures” respond to the exact same request which is posted daily. Perhaps those questions are posted the same way – computer generated. Either way, STOP THE MADNESS!!!

If they are in a position to have a “sale,” that means they are overcharging in the first place. They need to charge what they need to be able to support themselves and quit stealing profits from you! If their overhead requires them to charge what they do, you may want to check to see where that additional money is going. Just saying…

Second, do they know their clients by name and respond back to them by text or email showing them what they have or what may meet their immediate needs? If not, they are “big box” and have lost the ability to reach out to their clients! I can name my clients that communicate with me regularly. Everyday I meet someone new and make sure that their experience is one that is unparalleled by the “big box” stores. I also know my representatives on the distributor level. We are a team.

Third, why sell so many manufacturers vinyl? Do they not have faith in the products that they endorse; which in turn requires them to to sell everything on the market? Local small business retailers can answer or get the answer from the techs from the vinyl distributor(s) that they trust.

“Big box” cannot spend one on one time with clients because they are either, “somewhat knowledgeable about everything offered,” or are an online retailer. They can point to the aisle you are seeking a product from, but usually cannot answer your questions about the product. Online “Big box” will sell what is out of stock and make clients wait months to get their products that they had no clue were on backorder to begin with. Some make ridiculous rules for the average client to keep their costs “low” while still selling crummy vinyl at those low rates.


Look for your local providers. If you cannot find one, let me know. I will help find one for you. Do not allow these online vultures and “big box” predators sell you crummy vinyl or take weeks to months to deliver! We have options. Let us exercise them and let these vultures know that we support local!

This was inspired by my amazing clients and the victims that I see on the Cricut group pages on Facebook that fall victim to these schemes.

I was the victim, too, once.

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I am a 24 year U.S. Army Veteran. I served in Hungary in 2006-2007, Kuwait and Iraq in 2003, and also supported Armed Forces Members from 2009-2010 in support of the Afghanistan and Iraq campaigns. I have also been fortunate enough to mentor and assist so many young scholars and Soldiers in becoming leaders. Nothing warms my heart more.

I spent 7 years of my life as a Law Enforcement officer. I am a Global Career Development Facilitator. I established the first financial aid eligible truck driver training program in the U.S. in 2016 from what I was told, and now I am here to provide the quality vinyl and creative training that you seek.

I have 3 of the best personalities that I could find to assist me in our quest to make your experience unparalleled by any other vinyl provider. Ashton Van Putten and Lana Collins and Jada Powell. They bring awesomeness to the store that I hope you enjoy.

I will never steer you wrong. I find price gouging to be unethical and reprehensible. I will help you find what you need for the least amount possible