Should I convert my Ink Printer to a Sublimation Printer?

This is simply my opinion based on personal experience as well as the experience of several of my clients. Who am I? My name is Amanda and I own Splurge! Vinyl Shop in Columbia, SC. We also provide sublimation prints and blanks as this is the newest medium for many hustlers.

So I was talked into getting the Epson 7710 inkjet printer and converting it to use sublimation dye. Guess what I quickly learned… you got it! An inkjet is not designed for dye. I essentially tried to go to McDonalds to get a filet mignon. It does transfer color, but not the same. Mine did not last 3 months and needed CONSTANT attention.

By converting it I also invalidated the warranty and was no longer eligible for tech support. So I essentially had a brick 🧱 after 3 months.

If you plan to provide professional quality for your clients, why take a shortcut? It may work well in the beginning, but when it doesn’t, you are out all of that money and still have to get another device.

I say, do it right the first time EVERY time. Find an entry level sublimation printer like the Ricoh, Sawgrass, and Epson sublimation printers. It will be worth the investment! 🥰🙏🏼

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