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Sublimation patches

Sublimation patches

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Customize your items with Sublimation patches! These patches are white with a black border. Make a statement by branding your garments. All sizes are approximate.

Circle Sizes Small - 2.5" round and Large - 3.25" round

Rectangle Size 3.25" x 2"

Badge shape Small - 2.75"x2" and Large - 3.25"x3.75"

Hover transfer under open heat press platen for 10 seconds to remove excess moisture.

1. Cover the bottom table of the press with a sheet of Teflon.
2. Secure transfer to the patch using heat tape or spray.
5. Place substrate face up, with attached transfer face down, on top of protective paper on bottom table.
6. Place an item to lift the white space up above the black edges to level it up for even contact with the press platen.
7. Top with protective paper and press 400 F (204 C), for 45 seconds with firm pressure.

If adhering to textiles, sticky lint roll the entire area of the textile that will come into contact with the heat platen. Then pre-heat the area where the patch will be applied for 5 seconds at 400 degrees-F. Be sure to cover the textile with protective paper. Discard this sheet after pre-pressing is completed. For best results, the textile should be washed before applying the patch.

Press dwell time for adhering the patch will vary by the fiber content and weight of the textile. The typical dwell time range is between 14-20 seconds. If you are unsure of the necessary dwell time, start by pressing with heavy pressure for 14 seconds. Then allow the patch to cool. Try to peel the edges of the patch. If they are secure then you are done. If not, repress for an additional 10 seconds. If the edges remain unsecured then you will have to use Liquid Stitch fabric glue (available at most fabric, craft or department stores) to complete the adhesion of the patch to the textile.

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