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Subli-Print Light Vinyl

Subli-Print Light Vinyl

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Application Instructions
Insert your Subli-Print® Light sheets into your printer to be printed on the matte side.
Print in “right reading” directly onto the Subli-Print® Light using your sublimation printer.
Colors will look dull prior to pressing. Allow the vinyl to dry prior to pressing- either under a hot heat press plate for 1 minute or by air drying for 30 minutes. Cut using a 45° Blade and weed the excess material. For solid designs peel design away from carrier, lay on garment, apply cover sheet and press. For multi-piece or more intricate designs we recommend using a transfer agent to transfer the image. Pre-heat garment for 2-3 seconds. Place the masked design onto the garment and press at 311 for 15 seconds. Cover with a protective cover and repress if desired. I always do.

Available in a variety of sizes.

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