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Rainbow Splash 651 Grade Decal Vinyl 12"x15"

Rainbow Splash 651 Grade Decal Vinyl 12"x15"

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Need a patterned sticker vinyl with incredible durability? Check out SpecialtyPSV™ Fashion Patterns!

SpecialtyPSV™ Fashion Patterns gives you over 34 patterns of durable sticker vinyl! SpecialtyPSV™ is a pressure-sensitive vinyl for use on most clean, dry, hard surfaces. The patterns are vibrant and make any project more exciting!

Application Instructions:
Blade – 45°
Cut – Right reading, careful not to cut paper backing
Transfer Tape – Use AT-160, AT-160G, or T&S Tape to transfer onto a clean surface
Care – Suggested to be dishwasher safe after a 24 hr curing process
Applies to:
Most clean, dry, hard surfaces.
Examples include but are not limited to: metal, wood, glass, ceramic, acrylic, cars, windshields, windows, doors, wine bottles, glasses, laptops, cell phones, makeup boxes.

This is a PVC product, which emits hazardous fumes when cut with a laser machine. Do not cut with a laser.

Outdoor Durability: UV, Water, Chemical, & Scratch Resistant

No lamination: Up to 3 years

With latex approved film lamination: Up to 5 years
Indoor in Window (no lamination): Up to 5 years
Indoor away from direct sunlight (no lamination): Up to 200 years.

Approximately 12"x15"

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