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Printable Laser Vinyl

Printable Laser Vinyl

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One step printing for dark fabrics using your desktop inkjet printer. Use inkjet "print and cut" system or cut by hand. Produces vibrant colors and is thin and soft. It can also be applied with a hand iron.
Acceptable Fabrics:
Cotton, Uncoated Polyester, Fabric Blends
Excluding: Nylon, Dazzle Cloth, Shiny Polyester, and Moisture-Wicking Materials
1. Print and cut this material "Right-reading"
2. Do NOT use with a transfer mask. Cut around design, peel off backing, and place on garment with Teflon or Transfer Tissue on top, before pressing.
3. 375 degrees Fahrenheit
4. Medium, even pressure
5. 25 Seconds
6. Cold Peel
7. We recommend hand washing and air drying. Not suitable for dry-cleaning. No bleach or aggressive detergents.

Available in a variety of sizes.

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