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CL Light Trim Free Vinyl

CL Light Trim Free Vinyl

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This material is suitable for white and light colored fabrics, cotton, some mouse pads, koozies, etc. It can be used in oil and non-oil based color laser copiers and printers. It is compatible with a wide selection of laser printers and copiers. This paper is great for transferring full color photographs and designs. It is extremely thin and has a soft hand. Printed images are bright and durable and has excellent wash resistance.
Print – Print right reading. Use Heavy or Labels print setting
Transfer Material – Not necessary
Temp – 375° F
Pressure – Maximum, even.
Time – Prepress garment 5-10 seconds. Removing backing, place on fabric image face down. Top with Silicone sheet and press for 25 seconds.
Peel – Wait 4-8 seconds, peel backing paper off. To soften image, gently tug all sides of image
Care – Wait 24 hrs before washing. Wash inside out, gentle, warm or cold water, tumble dry. Do not dry clean. No bleach or aggressive detergents.

Available in a variety of sizes.

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