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Many of you are googling “Craft Vinyl.” I could be mistaken, but I am willing to bet that you are merely looking into the vinyl you may need for your next project. Hopefully I can help by explaining the difference for you.

631 Grade indoor vinyl – this decal/sticker vinyl is often used by teachers in classrooms where you want it to last for a period of time, but easily removable if no longer needed. Cricut vinyl is great for this purpose. Some also use it as stencil vinyl, but it does not need to be. If using it on a cup and you want it to stay, you can actually epoxy over it. That is a class that we have at Splurge! In fact, every cup class we offer includes the epoxy process, but that is another subject.

651 Grade indoor/outdoor vinyl. This decal/sticker vinyl is rated for indoor/outdoor use. Different vinyl has different ratings based on the properties. Feel free to call the shop or google as they are different in ranges of time. it is what you typically see on vehicle window or outside of a storefront. It costs less that 751 and 951, so you need to consider your long term goals when using this vinyl on a vehicle, storefront, or any other indoor/outdoor use.

751/951 – same as might be evident based on the other ratings, these are good from approximately 7-10 years outdoors. It is much more expensive and thinner which makes it slightly more challenging to use. Based on the cost versus income return ratio, you will find that there are much more expensive. If you are in the hustle, they are rarely cost effective, which is why even you big box stores sell 631 and 651 grade vinyl. These can be specially ordered by the roll, but you will pay a pretty penny.

Now HTV or Heat Transfer Vinyl.. – heed the name. This is HEAT TRANSFER VINYL (HTV). It is not the same as decal vinyl. Decal vinyl is a sticker, despite how long it lasts, ideally for a non-porous surface. HTV is for porous surfaces. It can be used on non-porous surfaces, but is designed for us on textiles like shirts, hats, pants, shoes, book bags.. That being said, you have several brands of HTV that had staying power on the market. Now we have cockroaches coming out of the woodwork.

Staying power Craft Grade Vinyl? The stuff that looks like plastic on a shirt and is not so easy to weed? So much so that they call it easy-weed to seduce you into believing it is worth buying? Stahls, Siser, Cricut… Yes, you can use that to start your hustle, but you will not beat out the professional grade vinyl options like Specialty Materials! It is the only HTV I offer in my shop for a reason. You get what you pay for, and I only offer the best on the market for my clients. If you are not making money, neither am I.

We have some new distributors in the market attempting to sell HTV, but let’s face it, y’all… Do you want folks to ask you who made that for you, or, ”where did you get that?” no better compliment for your time and effort. You can find the professional grade vinyl at Splurge!

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