Is your Vinyl Lifting?

Hey SHWs and FCs. I still have 2 hours left, but the results are pretty much conclusive. The issue is predominantly with Gildan, but others are reporting issues with other brands.

Today I had a shirt from our clean laundry that also had lifting and it was not a Gildan… I was astonished because I am the local resident “expert” in the vinyl industry, right?!?! How do I have LIFTING!?!?

I chewed on it for a while questioning life, vinyl, and why we’re are on this earth. Then I had an epiphany! I decided to check the washing instructions for the vinyl I used.

The instructions were to wash inside out, cold water, and light tumble dry. How did we wash it? Outside out, warm water, and tumble dry in an overfilled dryer. We even refreshed to get the wrinkles out since it was left overnight. Imagine the result??? We had vinyl liftoff, folks!!!

Aesops Fables have morals, and so does my tale.

1. Know the brand of the textile you are using and the washing instructions. If there is an obvious issue with a certain brand, get another one.

2. Follow the instructions that the vinyl manufacturer/distributor provides for adhesion and subsequent washing an drying. If you are not sure, call or text me for the products I sell.

3. As I learned from a recent client that had lifting on a shirt, and very important to tell your clients:

If you plan to stretch that fabric farther than it is obviously designed to be stretched AFTER the vinyl is adhered to the textile, do not get upset when the vinyl starts to lift. Though it is thermoFLEX, it can only FLEX so far. The vinyl adhesive is only so strong. So if the client is trying to fit a watermelon inside of a tubesock, tell them there is a no refund policy if the vinyl lifts and the tubesock quits on the spot!!

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