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Sooooo… what should w chat about today (dragging my right index finger along a solid surface making the infinity/number 8 symbol…)

If you did not see my follow up on my facebook page @wesplurge, that place was a NO GO! Outside it was amazing. Inside it was termite damages, warped floors, potentially lead based paint covered by wall paper, and broken windows. The story was that the investor got it at tax auction (supposedly) for $165K. Not only have they done nothing to improve it, but they still have everything in there that was abandoned by the former tenants including law encyclopedias, office equipment, and assorted form law office items. So how much are they asking for the 1900 build gem after paying $165k, you ask… Just under $300k! Are they insane??? Good luck to the future owner of that location. It would be amazing, if the price was reasonable and I had $100k to sink into complete gutting the structure and rebuilding it to make it usable.

Moving on. No pun intended! If you know of a cute place that you think I would love to make the original Splurge’s forever home, send me the address.

Y’all have been asking about a glitter heat vinyl bundle and bulk vinyl near me. So I now offer 2 bundles. Solid thermoflex standard color bundles are $39.95 for 15 sheets. In a cute little basket they are $40.95 for the bouquet bundle. (I to cover the cost of the basket, right?) We added the standard glitter vinyl bundle as well for $32.95 for 15 sheets. $33.95 for the basket bouquet bundle.

Also, do not forget that we are recommending that you spray all fabrics with at 70% isopropyl alcohol/30% water combo before attempting to press with vinyl. Do not saturate, jut to break up any chemical. Then dry wit hate press. It does not need to be bone dry. Just dry enough to accept the vinyl

It seems that companies, especially Gildan, is using a chemical that is preventing vinyl adhesion. Seems counterintuitive if you ask me since the reason we buy them is to put vinyl on them. Anyway, we are telling folks to do it on all items. It may also be advisable to wash and dry them before even using the spray before pressing! DO NOT use fabric softener. Finally, do the fabric test. If you cannot see the pattern of the fabric through your vinyl, there is a high risk of lift.

Thanks for reading this far. I hope it was helpful and insightful. Cheers!

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Thanks for reading this far.

I am a 24 year U.S. Army Veteran. I served in Hungary in 2006-2007, Kuwait and Iraq in 2003, and also supported Armed Forces Members from 2009-2010 in support of the Afghanistan and Iraq campaigns. I have also been fortunate enough to mentor and assist so many young scholars and Soldiers in becoming leaders. Nothing warms my heart more.

I spent 7 years of my life as a Law Enforcement officer. I am a Global Career Development Facilitator. I established the first financial aid eligible truck driver training program in the U.S. in 2016 from what I was told, and now I am here to provide the quality vinyl and creative training that you seek.

I have 3 of the best personalities that I could find to assist me in our quest to make your experience unparalleled by any other vinyl provider. Ashton Van Putten and Lana Collins and Jada Powell. They bring awesomeness to the store that I hope you enjoy.

I will never steer you wrong. I find price gouging to be unethical and reprehensible. I will help you find what you need for the least amount possible