Don’t touch that dial, folks!

Y’all, I started with a Cricut Air 2. I am not hating or bashing anyone that has the same vinyl roots as me. I purchased the device, I purchased the NOT professional grade vinyl from Michael’s, and set out on my mission to craft. I even DEFENDED Cricut and their supplies.

Enter the Cricut Maker. Game changer, right? WAIT… where is the dial for me to play the guessing game of what setting will work for my vinyl??? ? ? ? wasted ?.

This was the turning point when I realized Cricut has NO INTEREST in taking care of their client base. Their vinyl looks like plastic on a shirt, their prices for their “easy press IRONS” are an embarrassment to the actual shirt making industry, but their biggest FAIL is that darn dial on the Air 2. They want you to fail so you will buy more of their crap vinyl!

TIP OF THE DAY: DON’T TOUCH THAT DIAL!!! Switch it to the custom setting, slap your hand about 3-4 times and NEVER touch it again. The custom setting gives you the same menu (or super similar) to what those that paid $400 for a maker get. So you have like over 300 pre-programed settings that they don’t tell you when you buy the Air 2.

Final words? Their $49 small iron looks strikingly similar to the “steam iron” sold at Walmart for $12.88. Guess what it is when you don’t add ? water… an iron!!! Their big “easy press” $200 device is the most expensive iron you will ever buy.

Amazon sells 15”x15” presses for $179. I can’t beat that price, so I refer all clients to Amazon. Double lured by the low cost of. 12”x15.” I promise you will hate yourself the first time you try to do a back of a shirt decal.

Take it from me. ☺️ Lessons learned.

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