Don’t Hustle My Hustle

I have a new message to share with you because as you progress in your personal habit or hustle, the day will come when you post what came from your heart, mind, and effort… and then someone will cut, copy, and paste it for their viewing audience. Even worse, the will accurately say, “stolen from someone” to justify their willingness to take your ideas…your efforts…your mind as their own – for free.

Every day I am asked about a vinyl that will exactly replicate a shirt someone found online. Why would you even want to??? That is someone else’s creative mind. That was someone else’s vision! NOT YOURS! Refuse to be the duplicate of another. If you are the equivalent of a copy machine, this is not the hustle for you.

If you want to be successful in the hustle, tell them that you can do something SIMILAR, but NOT the SAME.

Allow the original creator of the original shirt or image bask in the idea that the hustlers will not COPY their image, but embrace it by bringing their own ideas to the table.

Know that I love you all and want the best for you. That is why I am painfully honest wit you. To set you up for failure sets me up for failure. ????

Stay Up-To Date


You must be bored if you are reading this...

Thanks for reading this far.

I am a 24 year U.S. Army Veteran. I served in Hungary in 2006-2007, Kuwait and Iraq in 2003, and also supported Armed Forces Members from 2009-2010 in support of the Afghanistan and Iraq campaigns. I have also been fortunate enough to mentor and assist so many young scholars and Soldiers in becoming leaders. Nothing warms my heart more.

I spent 7 years of my life as a Law Enforcement officer. I am a Global Career Development Facilitator. I established the first financial aid eligible truck driver training program in the U.S. in 2016 from what I was told, and now I am here to provide the quality vinyl and creative training that you seek.

I have 3 of the best personalities that I could find to assist me in our quest to make your experience unparalleled by any other vinyl provider. Ashton Van Putten and Lana Collins and Jada Powell. They bring awesomeness to the store that I hope you enjoy.

I will never steer you wrong. I find price gouging to be unethical and reprehensible. I will help you find what you need for the least amount possible