Cricut and Silhouette Blades For New Ideas

What’s up SHWs and Fellow Crafters??? We are fast approaching the holidays. I tell you this as though you are not aware. I am sure you are either in overdrive creating or may be experiencing creators’ block due to the pressure. Either way, I am here to help you. Let me be your muse. I am bringing in soooooo many options for you. All professional grade that cannot be purchased at your local big box craft stores. Only the best for my clients!

If you have the Cricut Maker, then you may not know what tools you have available to you so that you are able to make deep cuts in items like leather or score your own personalized cards for the holidays. I have a Youtube Video link with an amazing crafter that provided an amazing synopsis of the tools available. If you have the One, Air, or Air2 – the Custom option on your dial that you may not pay much attention to can be your best friend. The Cricut experts took time and painstaking efforts (probable exaggeration) to embed the settings into the operating system so that it takes away the guess work. Rather than cutting the other options on the dial, experiment. I promise you will be pleasantly surprised. In fact, there are also tutorials for you to create your own settings. I have not had to do it yet, but I bet calling them, online chat, or youtube has a tutorial.

If you are a Silhouette user, I believe that you have to go with trial and error as your blade dulls. With the Cameo 3 auto blade, it has those pre-programmed settings as well. If you are having issues with your auto blade, I have learned the hard way that there are 2 most likely causes/remedies. First, make sure your blade is completely seated and locked in. if not, your cuts will be wonky and unreliable. If you are certain that you are completely locked in and seated correctly, check your firmware. I had to update mine. it was not easy for me, as I am not computer savvy like some. In fact, it took the patience of a saint, Jada Powell, to actually get it done for me. Hopefully it is easier for you. If it is not working using the link from their website, contact them directly. Do not give up!

This season there is a question about which machine is the best fit for you. Let me see if I can break it down so that if you are looking for one, I can help you make an informed decision. Mainly it is operating systems. Cricut is an easier operating system for the local crafter and SHW. Silhouette is more of a graphic design platform. If you are super computer savvy or very familiar and comfortable with the adobe platform, this may be the better fit.

The Cricut Maker is the fastest and most “capable machine” for deep cuts, precise cuts, and scoring paper. Even if you do not sew, the additional features make it worth it. Additionally, they are making new tools for the maker; not the previous machines. It is worth the investment considering that this is the “Luxury model.” If you plan to become one of my Side Hustle Warriors (SHW), this is the investment you need to make. Having difficulty with it? Let me help you.

The Cricut Air 2 is great for the fellow Crafters (FC). If you are making for you, the kids, Mom, Dad, etc. on occasion – this may be your better investment. I can help you with this as well.

Silhouette is a more flexible operating system, hands down. Be reminded that you should be pretty computer savvy to begin with or very patient during the learning process. Once you have the fundamental skills needed, you are your own teacher or worst enemy.

It all comes down to patience and operating platform. Would you like to see both in action? Come on into Splurge! and let us show you both so that you know which one you want to put on your Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday list.

Finally, if you get your device before the holidays or before Christmas, come and do a Craft and Draft©. You can bring your beverage of choice, to include coffee or water, and learn with other crafters. We offer classes and craft club. Watch the events from @wesplurge on Facebook to join your fellow crafters in learning and creating new crafts!

Let’s make something together!!!

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