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Who, of the two of you that might actually read this blog has been to the Poseidon in Hilton Head, SC?

First, I would like to say the the food was good, but not amazing. Maybe a 3.5 out of 5 stars. I am picky, though. It was busy, so clearly they are doing something right. Probably the main thing is that they are not only within about 3 miles of many tours locations and resorts, but they also offer a substantial amount of seating and space. Indoor and outdoor dining as well as the upper deck. From Thursday-Saturday they use the rooftop to lure the young to middle aged adults. Unique? No, but more than what is offered by the surrounding restaurants in that shopping center. Pair it altogether and you have the ideal mixture that appeals to all ages at different times of the day.

This is what I always remind you, my clients, to be aware of. It is not that you can make the shirt with the matching hairband, the matching lunchbox and backpack, or the glitter laden and rhinestone decaled tumbler and wine glass. You must remain unique! Offer what your fellow Side Hustle Warrior (SHW) is not, or agree not to step in one another’s “footprint.”

You wonder why I bring this up. I do not blame you. In my head as the reader, aka… you…, I would be thinking, “Thank you MSG (Ret.) Obvious…(military thing), I just wasted like 7 minutes of my time reading this. Perhaps, it was not a waste. Here is the reason that I am posting this:

While in the gift shop, at the Poseidon, I spotted the Cricut on their counter. Below the counter was the sign showing how you can get your purchased item personally decaled. That’s right, folks. Even your tourist traps are getting in on the hustle. So for them to offer what they offer is like you opening a pancake house next door to a waffle restaurant. You are now fighting for the same clientele in a .01 square mile radius.

I have pointed it out to many of you that come to the shop. First, we (you and I) only offer professional grade vinyl, which sets you head over heels above those that are still using crafting vinyl in their hustle. Second, since the vinyl is local you are able to keep your costs down for the client resulting in the better product for less due to no shipping costs and priced less than the competition. ( see the above blog to know why. Third, I can likely save you money on your blanks driving your cost down even further. Lastly, I am getting more and more unique vinyl options that your competition is waiting weeks for since they ordered theirs online and payed shipping or has never tried.

The one that provides the best quality for the least amount of money is the one that will have staying power. Not the one that is pricing their items based on online Etsy prices, but the one who is basing their prices looking at their ROI (return on investment) in comparison the other provider just .01 miles away on the same street. I’d rather make $2 each on 10 shirts than $5 on 2.

Fellow Crafters, this applies to you as well. Be mindful of the vinyl and product you are giving as gifts, because two houses down they may be using the craft vinyl. The recipient of the gift (like the teacher or bus driver) can tell the difference. You do not want to be the mug donated after Christmas with the other mugs 21 from the same holiday. You want to be the personalized ice bucket with the rocks glasses when the holidays begin and celebrated every year for the same reason.

Thanks, as always, for reading this. As always, thank you all for your support and the word of mouth and reviews that you are leaving. It helps us rise above the “big box” and show them that we are not a force to be reckoned with. Buy local!

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I spent 7 years of my life as a Law Enforcement officer. I am a Global Career Development Facilitator. I established the first financial aid eligible truck driver training program in the U.S. in 2016 from what I was told, and now I am here to provide the quality vinyl and creative training that you seek.

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