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Hey SHWs and FCs! Happy new year!!!! I am glad we are all ready to forge ahead here in 2021. As we do, I am being asked a lot of questions about sublimation. I am hoping this quick quip will answer many of your questions. My answers may seem #SnarkyAF, and for good reason. I am combatting a ton of unprofessional, fly by night, hooligans that are trying t get rich quick off of you and I am out to prevent that. I figured we could do the quintessential Q&A format to answer the most frequent questions I get. So let’s do this…

Q: (Or statement in this case) – I got an Epson and have the stuff to cover it….
A: NO…NO…NO!!! One additional NOOOOOOOO for those that did not hear me the first 3 times. And a final NOOOOOOOO for good measure. Do you buy a golf cart to mow your lawn? Do you use a vacuum cleaner to wash your drapes? There is a huge difference between a inkjet printer and printing using dye. Most importantly, one you compromise the integrity of the Epson printer you lose your warranty and tech support. Second, and more importantly, many of my clients could not get it to work even once. We managed to get our experiment to work for 3 month, but had to use it almost daily to make sure it did not clog. If it did, that took 13-17 cleaning cycles in a row each time. After 3 months, it stopped recognizing that there was an ink. The only ay to use it after that was by scanning an image. Not convenient at all!!! A $300 investment became a $300 brick.

Go big or go home! If you are a professional, you use professional equipment. If you are a crafter, there are plenty of people that will print commercial grade sublimation images for you for a nominal fee. Save your money! If you develop a client base that supports getting a sublimation system, then you need to buy a sublimation system designed for just that. Sawgrass and Ricoh are 2 names in the entry level world that not only design their products for sublimation, but you get a warranty. What?!?!

Q: Can you do a class?
A: No, I would be robbing you blind. It is simple. When using the correct equipment for its intended purpose, it is a 2 step process. You print the image. You press the image. That is all.

Q: What materials can I use?
A: When using garment type textiles, you must use a textile that has at least 50% polyester in the blend. The dye is infused into the polyester fibers. With that in mind, understand that the more polyester you have in the garment, the more vivid the image will be. The less polyester, the more vintage the image will be

Q: Can I sublimate on black?
A: Nope! You can only get true color on a white shirt because there is no white dye. So if you need true color you can only sub on white. If you are not concerned about true color, yeah you can sub on other colors, but you cannot see any color on black. You are still limited to colors that you would be able to see an image on that is being dyed.

Q: Is sublimation cheaper than vinyl?
A: It is a toss up. The polyester shirts are more expensive, but the print is less expensive. The cotton shirts are cheaper, but the vinyl is higher in cost. Either way, depending on the complexity of the image, the cost of materials used, and time invested, it can easily go either way.

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